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Introducing our first international Eden team!

Eden Salt River is go! Over the last few months, Message South Africa in partnership with Cape Town’s Jubilee Community Church has been recruiting a core team, and recently announced the appointment of Grant Porthen as Eden Salt River’s team leader. Now the 13 team members are undergoing a period of training and preparation led


I Heart Netherton

A community festival hosted by Eden Netherton brought hundreds from the local area together for five days of fun, games and good news this August. ‘I Heart Netherton’ took place under a huge blue and white circus tent in the park in the heart of the Merseyside estate. A kids’ holiday club, community fun day,

Drop-in 4

Made for Mission

When I was Twelve I’ve wanted to be on an Eden team since I was twelve. Having tagged along with my sister’s youth group to an evening event, I heard some inspiring stories of people who had followed Jesus to places full of hard situations, and loving people there. I remember hearing about a team who

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About Us

Partnering with local churches we form volunteer teams within communities suffering high levels of deprivation in order to accelerate the transformation of the neighbourhood.

Growing Teams

Eden team members come from all sorts of backgrounds and share a common set of vision and values, they all live in the neighbourhood and give at least six hours a week as volunteers.


Eden teams build relationships with local youth and families in all sorts of creative ways. Every day brings new stories to light of lives being touched, hope being restored and futures getting brighter.

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