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When we try to describes ourselves, we do so in in two ways; there are some structural things that we call ‘Cornerstones’ and some lifestyle things that we call ‘Distinctives’.

5 Cornerstones

Each Eden is built on 5 Cornerstones – foundational principles that are common to every Eden wherever in the country it is located…

Rooted in local church

As members of a local church or church plant we seek to positively impact our community by the consistent witness of our presence and our proclamation. We desire to be a blessing to, and enjoy fellowship with, the whole body of Christ.

Focused on the toughest neighbourhoods

That is, communities widely recognised as suffering from multiple deprivations, such as: high crime, poor health, low educational achievement, dilapidated environment, broken families and few opportunities for young people.

Teams with homes in the heart of the community

Eden team should consists of between six and a dozen individuals with a recognised calling to live an incarnational lifestyle of integrating with the community. Joined together in this missional team dynamic our lives are made available long-term for the benefit of the neighbourhood.

Prioritise reaching youth to see their full potential unlocked

Eden sees young people, of high school age, as a key part of the transformation of the whole neighbourhood. Our goal is to help them to achieve all their God-given potential, introducing them to Jesus by creating repeated and varied opportunities for them to hear, experience and respond to the gospel.

Belonging to a wider relational network

As teams called to a variety of locations we recognise the need to make time to gather together periodically to share our stories and experiences, work through issues and challenges, and offer support and encouragement to one another.

5 Distinctives

Based upon these foundations every Eden team seeks to undertake its mission according to 5 Distinctives – more than simply values, these 5 adjectives help define a way of life.

We Are Incarnational

We are devoted to the communities that we have adopted as home. This is far more than simply being a good neighbour or even being a willing local volunteer. We have a sense of calling and commitment to live long-term as salt and light, fleshing out the grace of God.

We Are Relational

Relationships are the currency of our lives and the primary route through which transformation takes place. Therefore we choose to lead an authentic, open life within an accountable team dynamic. This way of life may be expressed in many ways such as valuing family, practising hospitality and loving the unlovely.

We Are Purposeful

We are not passive observers in our communities, we are there to be a deliberate witness of Jesus Christ. The church we belong to has an overarching mission which recognises the synergy between who we are and what we do. In times of excitement and times of endurance we will retain our redemptive intent.

We Are Countercultural

Whilst acknowledging the importance of embracing the culture we live in we will retain a deliberately different stance on issues of integrity and morality as Jesus has taught us. We expect challenges as we model sacrificial living as urban missionaries who desire to know Jesus and make him known.

We Are Holistic

Our conviction is that God cares for whole people – not just souls. We see clearly in the Bible that the people of God are expected to play an active role in his grand restoration plan. In practice this will mean that we will develop innovative responses meeting a wide range of relational, recreational, educational, emotional and spiritual needs.

For further insight into the thinking behind Eden have a look at our Media page for talks and videos.

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