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Fitton Hill, Oldham

Fitton hill is a large housing estate just south of Oldham town centre. Almost exclusively white, it (along with the rest of Oldham) is still recovering from some of the worst race riots the UK has seen in the summer of 2001.

Our vision is to see our neighbourhood restored back to how God intended it to be. We believe this to be the holistic gospel that Jesus left for us. We long to see people freed from addictions and destructive behavioural patterns, people who are no longer racist and who, as they discover a God who loves them, begin to love each other.

Eden Fitton Hill Community CentreWe have planted a church in the area in conjunction with the Salvation Army’s 614 project (Isaiah 61 v 4) , which is central to all that we are. This expresses itself in many different ways, but we have a main meeting on a Sunday at lunch-time, where we share food. We believe this to be an essential part of what it means to be church in our community, as we share fellowship with each other. We also run a number of youth clubs and activities in our area, ranging from football to craft clubs.

Eden Fitton Hill officeOver the 9 years we have seen our community transformed beyond what we could dream or imagine and part of our holistic approach have seen a health centre being set up inspiring a handful of young people to go onto university seen whole streets become restored and won a national youth work award.  Some of our main work goes on on our door steps with bikes being fixed, lending out football nets or having fun washing cars together.  We want more for our estate but also celebrate the distant we have travelled and the transformation that this journey has had on us as a community.

You can find out more about the team is involved with on the Eden Fitton Hill website and if you want to know more about the team or have any questions contact me directly on tim@edenoldham.com



Tim Royales, Eden Team Leader

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